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Schedule of Services
9:00am - Services
9:30am - Divine Liturgy
6:00pm - Vespers - Confession immediately after



Nativity Service Schedule

Nativity of our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ

December 22 (Friday)

Royal Hours @ 9:00AM

What are the Royal Hours? 1st, 3rd, 6th, and 9th, as well as the Typical Psalms, are sung as one service. The service is read on the eves of the Nativity of Christ and Theophany, as well as on Holy Friday. It is characterized by special Psalms and hymns, as well as special Old Testament, Epistle and Gospel Readings, relating to the particular Feast or events of the day.

Historically, it was customary for the Byzantine emperor to be in attendance for the entire Service, hence the title Royal Hours.

December 23 (Saturday Evening) 

Normal Service Schedule

December 24 (Sunday Morning)

Normal Service Schedule

December 24 (Sunday Evening)

Festal Orthros  (Mark Najjar chanting) @ 5:30PM

*Divine Liturgy of St. Basil the Great @ 7:00PM

*Take care to abstain from all food/drink after 3:00PM Sunday (Health permitting) in order to receive Holy Communion at the 7:00PM Divine Liturgy

CHRISTMAS DINNER (Immediately after Divine Liturgy)

The ladies of St. Paul are organizing a wonderful dinner for the parish to enjoy together after Nativity service ! Come and Feast as a family!


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Metropolitan Joseph Appoints Bishop Nicholas to Lead the Diocese of Miami and the Southeast

“The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God endures forever.” Is 40:8 Dear Brother Hierarchs, Reverend Clergy, Esteemed members of the Archdiocese Board of Trustees, and Christ-loving Faithful, Blessing and greetings to you in the Name of our Lord, God, and Savior Jesus! With profound sadness, yet hope in the Resurrection, I announce the passing into eternal life of my beloved brother, Bishop ANTOUN. Words cannot begin to describe our debt of gratitude to His Grace nor our sense of loss at his falling asleep. As our senior, and for many years our only, auxiliary bishop, he traveled the width and breadth of our God-protected Archdiocese. He was sincerely loved by all – young and old – and he will be greatly missed. All of us who were blessed to witness his retirement banquet this past July in Miami were greatly moved by the effort he made to be with his people one last time. Now we are comforted and assured that he will eternally pray for his people at the throne of God.




Fr. Paul will conduct a class for those who are already serving and also those who are interested in becoming a server on the altar. We encourge all young men to request a meeting so you can learn the duties and the purpose of those who serve on the Altar. Thank you and please attend.

Parents please bring your interested boys so they may grow to love serving Christ’s Church. Next class will be announced.

Petition to Free Kidnapped His Eminence Metropolitan Paul and Archbishop John

His Eminence sends warm Greetings and Love. He would like to inform you about a petition (link below) that will be presented to the White House and the United Nations. Please sign it and encourage parishioners to do the same. Also, please keep His Eminence Metropolitan Paul and Archbishop John in your prayers.

Please click on the link below in order to upload Petition for you to Sign. Thank you for your help.

Wish List

REQUEST:  for Prosphora or Altar Bread Bakers Needed - Please assist Fr. Paul. 

St. Paul Book Shop & Unique Boutique

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"The Book Shop and the Unique Boutique are OPEN every Sunday during the season. Featured in the beginning of February will be small standing crosses of various designs which can be used at home or placed on the dashboards of your cars. Prayer Cards will also be available. Perfect for including with greeting cards as a special blessing. Please come and take a look!"

For those who are "Out Of Town", you may purchase any of our beautiful items by contacting Barbara Hebeka at . A form of payment available to you is the system "Paypal" located towards the bottom of our website.


It is with great pleasure that we announce the release of a series of 7 DVDs which celebrates the history of our St. Paul Naples Parish and our beloved Pastor, Father Joe. The series is composed of disks containing: +”St. Paul Old and New” – One disk of historical pictorial mementos which was shown during our 2017 Founders’ Celebration +”Father Joe’s Life in Photos”- A one disk collection + “Sermons by Father Joe” - 5 DVDs containing various sermons The entire collection is now available for purchase at The St. Paul Book Shop at a donation of $5.00 per DVD. DVDs were recorded, produced and donated by Dr. Mace and Joan Shaheen. May God grant them many years!

Flea Market

Back by popular demand, St. Paul AOC will again have its first fall Flea Market on Nov. 18th. Please contact Anna Castley to reserve your spot. Again let us thank Ann as she continues her hard work for this function.

Coffee Hour

Please join us for COFFEE-AND Fellowship immediately following Liturgy each Sunday. If you would like to host a Coffee Hour, please add your name to the sign-up sheet in the foyer. COFFEE HOUR offers our parish family the opportunity to welcome new faces as well as catch up with those members of our parish family whom we already know.

Until our pavillion has been repaired, stop by the kitchen, grab a coffee and something tasty, and wander into the conference room for some conversation.

Prayers for the Memory of:

Rosa Marie Johnson (Luciano) by the Benfatti Family



Pancake Breakfast - Sunday, Jan. 21, after Liturgy - come and enjoy!

“Laces of Love” - Don’t forget! Bring your sneaker donation(s) to the conference room this week (Jan. 14-21)!

Founders' Weekend Welcome to His Grace Bishop Nicholas - February 11 - See Event Flyer!

2018 Stewardship Campaign & Pledge Drive - Commit to godly stewardship by responding to this pledge drive. It is the most effective way for you to be part of the growth at St. Paul Church. We are simply tenants in the world. By being faithful with all these things God has given us, we are expressing our gratitude, for all things, to Him.

Fellowship Hour - sponsors needed - Sign up sheet on board in hallway!

House Blessing - To schedule your house blessing and establish a “bond of holiness” between The Church and your home, contact Fr. Paul (; 509.845.4540) or simply call the parish office (239.348.0828)




Sunday School

Come join us for a valuable lesson in Christianity

Click On Box For Information

Plans are underway for the Fall season


If you do not receive THE WORD MAGAZINE from the Archdiocese, and are interested in doing so, please inform Fr. Paul or visit to simply view it online. 

Order Of St. Ignatius Of Antioch

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1.Home 2.St. Ignatius of Antioch 3.What is The Order 4.Governing Council 5.Finances 6.Articles 7.Video 8.Contact


 Of all of the saints particularly loved by Antiochian Orthodox, St. Ignatius ranks somewhere near the top of the list. Of Syrian origin, St. Ignatius, otherwise known as Theophorus, which in Greek means "God-­‐Bearer," led the Christian Church during a critical period of her history. Pious tradition has always maintained that he was the little child that Christ held on His lap when he uttered the immortal words, “Let the children come unto me.” What is known for certain is that he grew up to be a disciple of the Apostles, St. Peter personally ordained him a Bishop, and his name is mentioned in the book of Romans.

Antiochian Women Of St. Paul

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Antiochian Women presenting flowers to the two

Pastors and their families


Antiochian Women Announce 2017 Project Theme

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Facts of Interests

Lighting Candles & Entering the Church

Lighting candles is an important expression in Orthodox worship services. We light them as we prayerfully enter the Church. When lighting a candle, the worshiper prays that his or her life will shine forth full of faith. Lighting a candle symbolically honors Christ and affirms one as His follower. The burning candle symbolizes the warmth and sincerity of our prayers. It is also a common practice to light a candle for someone in need, to honor a saint, or to commemorate a deceased loved one. When we enter. Paul, we should light a candle and then reverence the icons by making the sign of the Cross and kissing the icon (this is a sign of spiritual love and respect, not the worship of an object). After paying reverence to the icon and lighting our candle in the Narthex, parishioners should immediately and quietly enter the Nave of the church, in order to actively participate in the worship of the Lord our God.

We do not enter or leave the Church when:

  • The Priest is facing the congregation.
  • The Priest censes the congregation.
  • During a Procession, the Small Entrance, when the Priest carries the Holy Gospel;
  • Or during the Great Entrance, when the Priest carries the Holy Gifts.
  • During the reading of the Epistle and the Gospel.
  • During the Sermon.

Handling the Blessed Bread

Upon receiving Holy Communion and/or at the conclusion of the Divine Liturgy, it is customary for all those who participated in the prayer of the Church to come forward to receive a piece of “blessed bread” as a sign of thanksgiving. While the bread that is distributed is not consecrated, it is blessed and as such, it should be consumed carefully and respectfully. Everyone that attends Divine Liturgy, Orthodox and non-­‐Orthodox alike, may receive the blessed bread as an expression of love and Christian fellowship.



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CREDIT CARD DONATION IS NOW AVAILABLE For more information: e-mail:,

or visit


Reminder: "Amazon" via St. Paul Website
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This is a great opportunity to increase funds for St Paul Antiochian Orthodox Church through AmazonSmile donations by reminding our supporters to shop at Spread the word to our parishioners and friends. Support us when you shop. "StartWithaSmile" at and Amazon donates to St Paul Antiochian Orthodox Church. Thank you.

Church Finder Reviews

Request to all Parishioners

As you may already know, there is a website labeled Church Finder.

Please write a review of our Church to enhance the attraction to our beautiful Church and family.

The steps are as follows:

  • Google "Church Finder"
  • Click on Church Finder (Find a Church)
  • Write Naples inside the oval box - wait for "Naples, Fl" in drop box then click on it and press enter.
  • Scroll down to the listing St. Paul Antiochian Orthodox Church and click on it.
  • To the right of our Church's picture click on "Write A Review"
  • Please fill in the areas and then click on the right Star. That will give us a 5-star rating.
  • Click on the small square "I'm not a robot"
  • Click on Submit.

St. Paul Church appreciates all your efforts.

Ancient Faith Podcasts

Ancient Faith Podcasts Selected Ancient Faith Radio audio podcasts. Full Collection. Daily Faith Encouraged Daily: “What Is It?”

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Ancient Faith Ministries/Radio
Ancient Faith Ministries/Radio
Monthly Calendar
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